Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Rustic Whimsical Dinner Party

This was such a fun party to plan. The theme was Rustic Whimsical. The impact we wanted was  as if you just stumble across a feast in the woods. The colors were neutrals layered on  neutrals . The decorations were as simple as tree branches I got from my neighbor's trees. We had a appetizer buffet, two course meal and a dessert table.                                                                   

                                                                         Appetizer buffet


Dinner ( first course- Gumbo)

Dessert Table

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mini Little Wooden Suitcases

How I love these little boxes. They just added  such a unique feel to the vintage travel party that we did a couple of weeks ago. We put them on each table with the map tags in, so people could have easy access to the map tags so they could write on them.

I stained these wooden boxes, lined the inside of them with black fabric & then added vintage stamps on the front to give them that extra vintage touch.. They are perfect for vintage themed parties. What do you think about them?  I love them of course..

If you are interested in having these cute little boxes at your next party email me at I will send you a quote. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Travel Party's Flowers

The flowers were not at all what I expected. I liked them, but were not in love with them like I wanted to be.......I really really wanted to love them, so I re created them the day after just to get my creative thoughts out of my mind..


The problem is it didn't have enough flowers and way too much greenery! I wanted more flowers.

This is what I wanted:

I don't want to tu my on horn, but tu

Did I do a good Job? Which do you prefer?

But Let's move on to the vases! I went to exactly 10 thrift stores from Kenner to Slidell and every where in between searching for these vases. I found 21 which were more then enough...  We had all different shapes and sizes! I loved it! It just gave this eclectic vintage feel that is sooo JewelBoxInk!

 What do you think about these bronze vases???

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Travel Theme Party

This party was so fun to plan with my aunt she is an amazing & fun woman to be around! :-)
She wanted a travel party. I was so excited about this party. I paid a lot of attention to details. It paid off. Everything was a hit from the nut bar to the map table... 
First, I decided to take all the pictures of the set ups at the house before we actually went to the hall because I knew the hall was going to be dark.

Thank you bags

Wine bottles 

Nut Table 
everyone loved

The Suit case cake was HUGE hit! People loved it! We got from Swiss Bakery.

We brought cakes in the cups from Swiss bakery also & We added the charms.

We made tags for the buffet

we had a map table

Friday, December 9, 2011

Passport Invitiations

Travel the world. 
My Aunt Debra wanted something different for her retirement party, so we decided to do passport inspired invitations. I really feel that the key to some great parties are invitations. They set the mood. 

The invitations were a hit!!! People brought the invites with them to the party. They were clever for a travel party. I'm so pleased with the outcome. 

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