Thursday, December 15, 2011

Travel Party's Flowers

The flowers were not at all what I expected. I liked them, but were not in love with them like I wanted to be.......I really really wanted to love them, so I re created them the day after just to get my creative thoughts out of my mind..


The problem is it didn't have enough flowers and way too much greenery! I wanted more flowers.

This is what I wanted:

I don't want to tu my on horn, but tu

Did I do a good Job? Which do you prefer?

But Let's move on to the vases! I went to exactly 10 thrift stores from Kenner to Slidell and every where in between searching for these vases. I found 21 which were more then enough...  We had all different shapes and sizes! I loved it! It just gave this eclectic vintage feel that is sooo JewelBoxInk!

 What do you think about these bronze vases???

If you're interested in having a party that is different, contact us at


  1. I really love the vases. I will be enjoying their beauty in my home. Thanks

  2. Wonderful..... I like both ways....the more design school way would probably be the before so I go for ur way --edgy and totally not day the hgtv people would say "you have an eye for good design"


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